From Tenerife ・テネリフェから




PoetrySoupでPoem of The Dayに選ばれて、びっくりしていた。まだ今ほど、詩の形式も知らず書き慣れていない頃だったけど、今読んで、ちょっと新鮮な気持ちになる。



You created everything

The blue sky with shiny clouds

The blue ocean with transparent water showing corals sleeping on the deep seabed

But not only that

Animals living in deep forests where lights never get through

Birds perching in dark holes, their resting places, on bare hillsides

The moon in the dark sky creating blue shadows on dark roads

The unimaginably deep ocean reflecting the moon

You created all of them I cannot stop marveling because of their beauty

Do you really leave me alone not to have someone to share my emotion?

I read much darkness in your words I found much comfort hid in the darkness

I believed you are really taking care of people like me

Please let me share the darkness

Please help me