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Is popularity important for you?

Is popularity important for me?

I believe that "NO" should be the answer. But I also believe that we naturally have a desire to be popular. Probably it is natural for us to feel happy when we are loved by someone. The more people love us, the happier we are.

But, I still believe that popularity shouldn't be important for us. Why?

Because human history shows that popular opinions are sometimes wrong and cause big problems. Actually, majority has been controlled and exploited by people who are desiring to gain power. Under such condition, minority suffer so much. Many of the minority are forced to be minority due to their education, circumstances, physical and mental disabilities or unique personalities, etc.

Should we ignor those people only because they are not so many?

I have an experience of being told, "Do you think that you are special? Why do I have to treat you differently from the others?"

This shows that some (many?)people think that minority should endure for the majority.


I think that majority should endure for minority who need special care and attention. That makes more sense.


But who are actually majority and who are really minority?

This question is more difficult. Now I am confused, should stop writing.