From Tenerife ・テネリフェから


An Ugly Princess

A princess was living in a small country.

She was the ugliest princess in the world.

There were no mirrors in the castle.

She had never seen her face.

Her father was the richest king in the country.

When she turned 16, the king started to look for a suitor.

Many princes came from everywhere in the country.

They told her that she was beautiful,

All but one prince who said she was ugly

She fell in love with the prince.

But, the prince didn’t love her, because of her ugliness.

Her ugliness exceeded his tolerance.

She went to a witch living in a deep forest.

She asked the witch,

“ Can you make me beautiful?”

“Of course, but you will never be able to reverse it .”

“That’s fine.”

She turned her into a beautiful princess.

Everyone said she was the most beautiful princess in the universe,

including, the prince who had seen her as ugly.

He asked if she would marry him.

The princess said, “No.”

She had lost interest in him.

She couldn't even predict the change of her feeling toward the prince.

Everyone said the same thing.

She was bored.

She wanted to be ugly again and find someone

who would say something different.

But she couldn’t have her ugly face back anymore.

The princess couldn’t marry anyone.

She had never had a chance to see her face,

even after she had become beautiful.

It didn’t matter for her if she was ugly or beautiful.

She was superficially respected, loved and protected as a rich princess anyway.

She had everything that most people want to have.

Something was missing in her heart like everyone else.

She was completely ignorant of herself,

because truth didn’t matter to her.


The kingship was terminated forever and ever.


What a sad story!